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- Desire Excellence Scholars Universal School/ Apt Scholars is co-educational and multi-cultural, admitting students from within and outside Nigeria. It has standard learning, living and recreational facilities and contributes massively to the life of our young ones for a perfect future. At Scholars Universal School/ Apt Scholars, we are committed to providing an all-round qualitative education by which the total child can be made. We also aim to unlock and maximize the leadership potentials of all students.

OUR NAMES Scholars Universal School / Apt Scholars Universal College

OUR GOAL - To be the focal point of Africa that will attract interests from countries of the world in search of solutions to numerous challenges facing mankind.

OUR VISION To provide functional First Class Educational Services which can unlock the wealth of ingenuity, sympathy and generosity that is hidden in the soul of the child and evoke in him/her, the Excellence of the Total Man Concept.

• To teach the child to be humanitarian in all deeds by showing love to human beings and serving God in line with the dictates of the Holy Books.
• To harmonize Education System of renowned Technology Countries with Nigeria Education Policy.
• To teach the child some home values and to make him/ her solve his/ her challenges and those of the society as a whole.
• To detect talents innate in the child and help develop them.
• To help bring out the leadership and political capacities which are latent in the child, even as human beings cannot be dissociated from politics of their society.

LABORARE EST ORARE meaning TO WORK IS TO PRAY. At Scholars Universal Schools, we believe that God blesses in multiple folds of the value your work. Prayers and Fasting without work value zero while Work followed by prayers and fasting is infinitely valued. This is the mindset with which we mentor our students.

OUR TAGLINE Scholars Universal School/ Apt Scholars – Desire Excellence

OUR SLOGANS Home of Champions and Future Leaders
The Best School for the Child you love so much
Scholars, Scholars, Scholars, Scholars
To work is to pray and pray
Scholars Secondary School
Universal Secondary School
Scholars Secondary School
Mother of excellence
Citadel of learning for EXCELLENCE
Academic EXCELLENCE at its peak
The best legacy parent ca bequeath
Citadel of learning for excellence
Education is the best legacy
Scholars the builder of nation
Uprising generation
Citadel of learning for excellence
Mentally alright, morally upright
Citadel of learning for excellence
Apex we are, we are the best
Scholars, Scholars, Scholars, Scholars
Laborare est orare
Scholars, Scholars, Scholars, Scholars
To work is to pray and pray
Lead: I will rule this World with Mathematics Chorus: I will rule this World with Mathematics
Lead: I will rule this World with Mathematics Chorus: I will rule this World with Mathematics I will push-push and I will pull-pull and I will turn around I will rule this World with Maths
1. The GODLY Habit: We continually encourage our students to maintain high level of transparency, uprightness and fairness in dealing with people.
2. The WINNING Habit: At Scholars Universal Schools, COMPETING is a Game and WINNING is our Habit. We emphasize to our students that the only time they are sure of winning is when they score hundred percent.
3. The EXCELLENCE Habit: Our students desire EXCELLENCE. We drum it into our students that the only way to distinguish self from others is by scoring distinctions in all endeavours.
4. The HARDWORKING Habit: Our belief is that a little more effort could propel one to a peak of excellence. Even when you are doing well, just put in more efforts.
5. The CONTINUOUS LEARNING Habit: There is need for teachers to continue to update their knowledge. So we update by attending workshops, symposia, visits to internet learning facilities and regular micro-teaching.
6. The MENTORING Habit: We continuously mentor our students using experienced mentors. Services of professional counselors are also bought to solve psychological challenges that some students might be facing.
NNPC Excellence Award 2019: First Position in the NNPC National Science Competition.

Cowbellpedia Mathematics Competition 2019: 56,073 candidates that took part in Cowbellpedia Mathematics 2019, Scholars Universal / Apt Scholars got the 1st and 5th Positions at the Junior Category, 4th at the Senior Category. It might be of interest that three among Scholars students got perfect scores (100%) in Mathematics while others scored 98% each.

The Presidential Award 2018:This award was given to us by The Presidency, Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our Student, Solomon Ajisafe also got full study Scholarship from B.Sc to Phd., for excellent performance in 2018 774 Young Scientists Presidential Award. We also came 1st in Physics, 2nd in Biology and 3rd in Chemistry in the 2018 YONSPA Science Competition which was organized by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.

Chemical Association of Nigeria Excellence Award 2018: Scholars Universal School/ Apt Scholars produced the ’ Best Female Chemistry Student’ in Nigeria- (Oluwatunmise Idowu). It might also interest you to note that same girl continues to trend on google and social media as “the Girl with an Electric Brain”, having being the First to answer 17 Mathematics Questions correctly in 60 Seconds of Fame in Cowbellpedia Mathematics Competition.

Cowbellpedia Mathematics 2018: 1st in Ogun State, with 2 perfect scores and 99% score average from Scholars Universal School students.

Mathematics Association of Nigeria 2018:1st and 3rd at the Junior, also 1st at Senior in the State.

National Mathematical Center – NMC Excellence Award 2017: The School was rated Best (again) in Nigeria in teaching Junior Secondary School Mathematics in 2016/ 2017 session.

Mathematical Association of Nigeria – MAN Excellence Award 2017: We came 1st and 3rd in the National Finals of MAN Mathematics Competition.

SPAK National Science Award 2017: Ayobami Ahmed came of Scholars Universal School came1st. Five-5 Scholars Students were among 81 that qualified for the finals nationwide.

Cowbell Mathematics Competition Award 2017: The School was rated 2nd in Nigeria at the Written Stage for having a Scores average of 95.7% from 10 Scholars students.

• Science Teachers Association of Nigeria – STAN Award 2017: The School won a Merit Award for being among the Top 3 in its Competitions.

Chemical Society of Nigeria Award 2017 – Scholars was rated Best School in Chemistry- Ogun State.

Ogun State MAN Award 2017: 1st in Junior and 2nd in Senior Mathematics at the State Finals of the Olympiads.

Lagos State MAN Award 2017: 1st and 2nd in Junior Mathematics, 1st and 3rd in Senior Mathematics.

Our Generation Mathematics Foundation – OGF Award 2017:We got The Excellence Award for winning the 2nd position in OGF Mathematics Competition and for winning the Best Teacher Award as Ridwan Husein-Scholars teacher was rated by OGF as the Best Mathematics teacher of the year.

Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools – ASUSS Excellence Award 2017: The Award was given for being consistent in the school’s Brilliant Performances in competitions and all external examinations

National Mathematical Center – NMC Award 2017: Scholars Universal School/ Apt Scholars was rated Best in Nigeria in Teaching Junior Mathematics in 2016/ 2017 session having got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th positions in NMC Mathematics Olympiad Competition.

Awori District College of Education – Merit Award 2016: We received the Award in recognition of our Outstanding Performance in external examinations and competitions.

Iganmode Club – Excellence Award 2017: It was given to us for our consistent brilliant performances in all external examinations and competitions in 2014, 2015 and 2016

National Mathematical Center – NMC Award 2017: Scholars Universal School/ Apt Scholars was rated Best in Nigeria in Teaching Junior Mathematics in 2016/ 2017 session having got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th positions in NMC Mathematics Olympiad Competition.

Mathematical Association of Nigeria – MAN Merit Award 2016: We received this Award for coming 2nd and 3rd in the National Finals of 2016 Mathematics Competition.

Cowbell Mathematics Competition Award 2016: Scholars Universal School was rated as a Top School for producing 5 out of Best 40 students selected nationwide and for having a Scores average of 99% from the five students.

Ogun State MAN Award 2016: 1st and 3rd positions in Senior Maths Quiz.

Lagos State MAN Award 2016: 1st and 3rd in Junior Maths, 1st in Senior Maths.

Cowbellpedia Award 2015: Taiwo Ajoke of Scholars Universal School Came 2nd in the TV show. The School was given an Excellence award for the brilliant her performance.

NMC Award 2015: Scholars Universal School won 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze medals in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics respectively.

Mathematical Association of America – MAA 2016 Award: Scholars Universal School students won a Gold and 3 Bronze medals for Brilliant performances in American Mathematics Competition. We also bagged 10 KSF Awards in 2016.
Scholars Universal School students were among the finalists at the 2017 South African Mathematics Olympiad – SAMO.


Awards received by Scholars Universal School are inexhaustible. They include Sports:
1. Krystalball Inter Schools Football Competition: 1st in 2017
2. Inter Schools Relay Race: In 2016 – 2018, we came first in various contests at Bells School, Faith Academy, Home Science, The Ambassadors College and host of other schools that invited us to their Inter House Sports.
3. Milo Basket Ball Championship

1. 1st in ASA MI-EDE MI Cultural Dance – 2014: A Yoruba version of a Socio-Cultural program aiming at restoring the dignity/value of the Nigeria Languages/tradition
2. UNICEF ARTS: Our Artwork was nominated for exhibition at MKO Cultural Center, Abeokuta on 28th March 2018.
3. ROTARY CLUB 2018 ESSAYS AND DEBATES on the FOUR WAY TEST: 3rd position.

1. NNPC Recognition Award for producing the Best Science Student, Samuel ‘Tobi Ojo in the NNPC Science Competition 2019.
2. The Presidential Recognition Award 2018, for winning the 774 Young Scientists Presidential Award.
3. The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology Recognition Award 2018: for winning 1st position in Physics, 2nd in Biology and 3rd in Chemistry in the Young Scientists Competition 2018.
4. Scholars Universal School has been recognized as an Institution for training Gifted Children by The International Academic for Gifted Children.
5. WAEC and NECO- We are rated as one of the most consistently passing schools. We have been able to maintain a range of 98% to 100% success in producing students with Higher Education Potential annually.
6. Ogun State Government: We are recognized as One Best School in the State.
7. Mathematical Association of Nigeria – MAN Lagos, Ogun and Nationwide – Recognizes the School as one of the few most consistently performing Schools in the State and National Finals of their Olympiads.

1. WAEC/ NECO SSCE 2015 – 2019: 99.8% Average SUCCESS UTME SCORES with 100% admitted into UNILAG, UI, OAU, ILORIN, ABU and few into State and Private Universities. with their CGPA, They are FIRST CLASS/ DISTINCTIONS potentials.

A Review of our UTME performances
1. 2016: Average Score – 251 Highest Score – 295
2. 2017: Average Score – 267 Highest Score – 303
3. 2018: Average Score – 259 Highest Score – 323
4. 2019: Average Score – 268, Highest Score – 328
All secured admission into professional courses.
For the past two years, Scholars Universal School students have been joining other schools for Cambridge GCSE examinations, however, approval as a center for GCSE of London is 75% done. In 2020 Scholars Universal School students will write their First GCSE examination in their school.

Our students have been among high scorers in the aptitude tests.

At present, 73 of our past students are undergraduates in Russia, Ukraine, Canada, United State of America, Britain, Indian, China and Ghana.

We are not boastful, but we can proudly say that Scholars Universal School is a School, waiting to be beaten in the delivery of Secondary School Educational Services. WE ARE A RAW GOLD THAT IS YET TO BE FULLY TAPPED.


The following Clubs and Societies are available in Scholars Universal School:
1. Press Club
2. Literary and Debate Club
3. Drama Club
4. Young Mathematician Club
5. JETS Club
6. Sprinters club
7. ICT/ Computer Programming Club
8. Red Cross
9. Christian Student Society
10. Muslim Students Society

In the next 3 years Scholars Universal School/ Apt Scholars will be the ONE SCHOOL that brings World Wide Focus on Africa. At present, our Technology Department is embarking on writing indigenous and domesticated User Friendly Packages to solve various challenges faced by our industries and that could not be easily solved by foreign software.

Desire Excellence -Scholars Universal school/ Apt Scholars, the Home of Champions and Future Leaders, the best for the child you love so much,




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10/14 Ige Daramola Street, Iyana Iyesi, Ota. Nigeria


+234 803 394 2989

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About 20 years ago, Scholars Universal School started as a tutorial school out of the burning desire to primarily educate Ota and later extend the gesture to the Nigerian child. Read More